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The electric powertrain components electric motors, gearboxes, inverters and traction batteries are subject to the highest quality standards and must be able to fulfill a wide variety of performance and safety conditions. Our Powertrain-in-the-Loop (PIL) dynamometer allows us to realistically simulate all load conditions, and thereby define all parameters needed for the characterization and validation of system components. An integrated e-axle unit with separate side-mounted load and brake motors makes it possible to subject complete drive units consisting of an electric motor, inverter, gearbox, control unit and traction battery to true-to-life driving simulations with authentic road load. In our battery test bench, we can also test and validate everything from individual modules to complex traction batteries for their load and continuous load characteristics as well as their charging and discharging cycles.

PIL fields of application

Testing and evaluation of individual components (electric motors, gearboxes, inverters, batteries)

System testing of components in flexible combinations

Continuous load testing of complete electric drive systems

Performance data verification of electric drive systems

Validation and characterization of high-energy storage devices (traction batteries)

Testing and evaluation of brake energy recovery


Our Powertrain-in-the-Loop dynamometer in numbers.

PIL technical data
Selectable voltage range (battery model implementable) 20-1000 Vdc
Traction (continuous) 250 kW
Recuperation (2 brake motors) 330 kW
Maximum braking torque per wheel 3500 Nm
Maximum rotations per wheel 3375 rpm
Battery charging and discharging (continuous) 250 kW
Battery maximum discharge 330 kW
Variable conditioning system for cooling circuits of battery, inverter and motor:
Maximum coolant temperature 140 °C
Maximum volume flows 30 l/min
Heating capacity 2x4 kW
Cooling capacity 2x15 kW

Single wheel control for differential or torque vectoring analysis
Programmable battery models and CAN interfaces
Powerful dSpace Scalexio HIL simulator

Optimize test procedures, reduce trial phases.

The PIL is utilized during the development process of individual components to optimize their separate performance properties. However, its full potential lies above all in the complete, true-to-life simulation of combined applications working in total system operation. Through realistic simulation under controlled and precisely definable conditions, the PIL reduces the number of field tests required for development to a minimum, while at the same time fulfilling the highest possible demands for system safety. This allows you to generate technologically sound, cost-efficient synergies which directly benefit the time and cost framework of your project.

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