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A job you’ll love. A workplace you’ll love coming to. Sound like a lot to promise? Believe it! Because here at rational motion you’ll discover a team built differently than the rest — faster, more dedicated, holistic and passionate about innovation. What we’re seeking aren’t circuit slaves, but determined specialists, interdisciplinary lateral thinkers, perennial explorers who thrive off teamwork yet still carry the self-reliant problem solver gene. Yes, we’re demanding. Of our applicants, of ourselves. And that sets us apart, including in the eyes of our clients. In turn we’re able to deliver no less than the full universe of systems engineering, powertrain electrification and vehicle integration in all facets, stages and dimensions. From future-focused free flight into pioneering territory to tightly clocked real time state-of-the-art application development. You won’t experience a higher level of project involvement or breadth of variety anywhere.

We’re excited to hear from all motivated candidates looking to join our team. Currently we’re seeking several highly specific additions. Do you see yourself in the areas below and you’d like to learn more? Great! Then let’s get right to it. We look forward to having you get in touch



Electrical Systems Engineers

Electronic/Mechatronic Systems Engineers

Embedded Systems Software Developers for vehicle and drive systems

Control and Calibration Engineers for vehicle and drive systems

Test Bed Technicians and Engineers with component testing experience

Project Engineers with project management experience in the field of vehicle and drive technologies

Customer Service Technicians for vehicle electronics

Sales Engineer/Assistant


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