Visionary engineering services and high efficiency integrated solutions for the e-mobility segment.
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System design, embedded software programming and advanced control systems development.
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The perfect combination of first class engineering and a proven, top-quality supply chain.
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Know-how, technology, dedication – we bring your project to life by making your goals our goals.
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Cutting edge suits us.

Model based design, system integration and prototype development at the forefront of hybrid and electric powertrain concepts – that is rational motion. We develop complete engineering solutions for concrete high-end applications of today and visionary drive systems for tomorrow.


From commercial fleets to the family minivan – cars, trucks, buses and all variety of street legal utility vehicles. The diversity in on-highway equals enormous opportunity for electric and hybrid drive technologies.

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Off road means on point: freed of street vehicle regulations, off-highway design is able to focus one hundred percent on the specific performance requirements for getting the job done.

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Another gram lighter, another second faster, a cubic centimeter less – in motorsport precision equals performance. This is where the rational motion story begins.

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The question is not if electric solutions are destined to supplant their combustion based cousins in ever more energy and mobility sectors, but at what pace and how deeply each industry will be affected.

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Höchstleistung im Test.

Die nächste Generation flexibler Prüfstandsmesstechnik für elektrische Traktionssysteme.

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