The future is electric.

The question is not if electric solutions are destined to supplant their combustion based cousins in ever more energy and mobility sectors, but at what pace and how deeply each industry will be affected. The circle of those involved grows steadily wider, with the first great strides in boating already to be seen today. We anticipate a similar course correction within aviation to be just a matter of time. Our outlook is rooted in a belief in the enormous cross-sector potential for innovative, custom developed battery charging and deployment systems. However far off one or the other technological milestone may seem today, you’ll find us in the front rows. Alongside our daily business we maintain future focused projects aimed at redefining state of the art. The first early-adopter development projects are already launched and underway.

Energy storage
(batteries and capacitors)
Power electronics
High speed & direct drive
electric powertrain
Vehicle management units
Energy storage
Battery management

Ideas without limits.

What moves can be electric! On land, on water and in the air …

High speed & direct drive electric powertrain

PMSM (Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors)
320-450V & 500-750V
internal & external rotor
oil/water cooled

Power electronics (inverter)

3, 6 & 9-phase
water cooled
IGBT/MOSFET technology

Energy storage (batteries and capacitors)

Super cap
30, 60 & 120 cells
1, 2 & 4 packs

Vehicle management units

12 & 24V DC
DSP & PowerPC architecture
Multi-core CPU

Energy storage

Conception, design and integration of stationary buffer and off-grid energy storage
Lithium battery and capacitor technologies
Scalable modules and strings
Series and parallel configurations

Battery management units

Programming and parameterization of high-performance control strategies for client-specific applications
DSP & PowerPC architecture
Multi-core CPU


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